Eligibility to Join a Law College in India

There is no dearth of legal jobs in India. As a lawyer, you can opt for any of the innumerable career options that the degree provides. You can start your own private practice, enter the corporate world, work as a legal advisor and advocate, and even teach at a law school. But to become a lawyer, you need to have the required educational qualification as well as certain important characteristics. So what makes you eligible to get into a law school in India? Let’s find out.


B.A. LLB is the law course that is most commonly done by people who want to become lawyers. This is an undergraduate degree program that is offered by all law colleges. To get into this course, one needs to clear CLAT (Common Law Entrance Test). However, there are certain law schools that have their own entrance test. To apply for the entrance exam for this course, one needs to complete their 12th standard exam. A minimum of 50% should be acquired by the candidate in the 12th exam to be able to apply for this course. The duration of this course is five years.
If you missed the chance to enroll into the undergraduate program or you want to try your hand at law after completing your bachelor’s degree program, you can go for the LLB program. A graduate from any discipline can go for this course. Again, you would have to clear an entrance exam to get into a law academy for this course. It would take three years for you to complete LLB.
LLM is a Master’s degree program in law and can be done only by those who have completed their BA LLB or LLB. Although one needs to clear an entrance exam to be eligible for LLM, there are law institutes that take students merely on the basis of merit.

Eligibility to Join a Law College in India
Eligibility to Join a Law College in India

Abilities and Qualities
Doing a course in law will give you a degree, but would it actually make you a lawyer? Books will only give you knowledge, but a person needs to have some important qualities to become a good lawyer. If you want to build your career as a lawyer, you need to have good oral as well as written communication skills. Self confidence, excellent analytical skills, excellent ability to communicate, great presentation skills, and good intellectual ability are some of the necessary traits.
Your education does not end with getting a degree certificate. The law of the country is ever-changing and hence it is extremely crucial to be up to date with the changing laws. It is also crucial to have access to a good law library.
If you think that you have the capability of becoming a lawyer, do not think twice and follow your dreams. However, if you are confused, taking an aptitude test would help you to clear certain things and take the right decision.
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