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Epf India which stands for Employment Provident Fund, generally known as that chunk of your salary which gets deducted and you never get to receive it. But a viable reason is behind why this chunk of your salary you never get to enjoy. Employment Provident Fund is a privilege that every employee gets a fixed salary as a retirement benefits scheme. This scheme is regulated under the Employment Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO) and companies with employees of at least 20 needs to be registered with EPFO. The aim behind this scheme is to give a platform for saving a part of an employee’s salary every month which is generally saved in critical situations like if someone is not able to work or at the time of their retirement.

How is EPF in India deducted from one’s salary?

Like any other government scheme, EPF has a certain percentage with which it is deducted from an employee’s salary. But it is not that simple.
  • With you being new to your job, it is an elated feeling to receive your salary. From the basic of the salary you receive, your employer and you both give 12% to your EPF account.
  • This 12% is divided like this: 3.67% from the employer goes into the EPF and the rest 8.33% goes to your EPS (Employee’s Pension Scheme) again from your employer side.

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The question arises how so many employees get to enjoy a better amount of this EPF? This fund which is collected from employees is then through a trust is invested. The interest which is generated i.e. 8% – 12%, the central board of trustees and the government decides this percentage. All the updates regarding the rate of EPF annually are available on the EPF India official website which is epf.gov.in. Right now, this rate is 8.75%. But now as UAN (Universal Account Number) is introduced, you have all the access to the online EPFO facility or you can also keep a check through the EPF account number allotted to you.
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EPF balance check without UAN number at passbook.epfindia.gov.in

Universal Account Number is your unique identification number associated with your Provident Fund. The UAN remains constant throughout one’s career regardless of how many different employers the person has worked under.
With the growing focus on digitalization of govt. services and other public services, EPFO has also gone the digital way to make things more convenient for employees who wish to know the details of their EPF accounts. Till now it was common to check PF balance using UAN but with the investment in technology and digitization of records, member balance information is now easily accessible. Now even in events wherein someone has forgotten the UAN number he/she can still access the EPF account as the UAN number is now linked to Aadhar and the registered mobile number of the individual.
  1. EPFO member balance can be checked by sending the SMS EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899 from the registered mobile number. You’ll receive the balance amount in your account through SMS only.
  2. EPF India balance of the members can also be checked by giving a missed call from the registered mobile number on 011-22901406.
  3. One can receive all the gov.in services and access their account by just downloading the EPFO App. The app makes it very easy to keep track of your EPF account without any stress.

EPF Balance Check using PF Number in https://epfindia.gov.in

The drive to fully digitalize governance and record-keeping work has borne enormous fruits for the common people and resulted in a lot of convenient ways to do EPFO balance inquiry.
To check the EPF India balance online, one can go to the EPFO website, epfindia.gov.in login, and follow these steps to find their EPF balance using PF number.
  1. Click on the ‘Click here to Know Your PF Balance’.
  2. Fill out the required details like the EPF office, State, Establishment code, and PF account number, and other details.
Following these steps can help one in their EPFO balance inquiry using PF number.

PF Balance Check using with UAN Number

UAN activation by your employer is necessary to provide you the benefits of EPFO. UAN number remains constant throughout one’s career and hence is linked to the PF account of the individual. One can easily check PF balance using UAN by following the provided instructions:
  1. Visit the EPFO website, http://www.epfindia.gov.in, and click on the ‘Our Services’ tab.
  2. Click on the ‘For Employees’ option to reach the Services page and click on Member Passbook gets to the EPF employee login.
  3. Go ahead with the EPF UAN login and you’ll be able to see the specific member ID and the separate contribution of the employee and employer.
These steps can be easily followed to check PF balance using UAN.

EPF Balance Check using UAN Number or PF Number at epfindia.gov.in

http://www.epfindia.gov.in can be easily accessed to do an EPFO balance inquiry in India. Both the UAN number and the PF number are linked to the individual EPF accounts and can be used to access the data and balance of the EPF accounts. While most of the services require UAN member login one can also use PF number to check EPF India balance online in case one has forgotten the UAN number belonging the one’s EPF account.

How to Get PF (Provident Fund)?

PF is a social security fund created to ensure a source of pension after the individual has retired or to provide support when the person is unemployed. PF is created by taking away a fraction of the individual’s salary each month to create a large enough pool to help support the person through tough times or retirement. PF can be used through temporary withdrawals and many provisions have been put in place to help the person in truly emergency situations. Employees can get their PF as a temporary loan which has to be deposited back into the EPFO fund. Under current provisions, after changing jobs, or separating one must get their PF transferred to the new employer.

How to Check Online EPF claim Status at passbook.epfindia.gov.in?

EPF is supposedly one of the leading and most reliable retirement funds provided for salaried employees and it is completely approved and verified by the government. The best thing about this is that both the employee and the employer contribute a certain sum of money every month.  The employee and the employer both contribute a percentage of 12% of the basic salary of the employee. The benefits of this investment can be utilized by the employee at the time of retirement. There is scope to liquidate the funds while in employment also but there are certain terms and conditions for the same.
The main important thing that needs to be understood by the employee, in this case, is the PF claim status. The EPF India site for employees is very simple and easy to understand the site. www.epfindia.gov.in is the place from where you are directed to the claim section where you can check the EPFO claim status.
The procedure to check the claim status is really simple. A request has to be raised by the employee at the EPFO website which is a statutory body under the ministry of labor and employment. When the employee requests the withdrawal or claim of the EPF, it is quite possible that they might not be able to see the requisition status of the same. However, an online process has been launched by the EPFO to ensure that the employee can view the status of the claim at any time easily and without much hassle. To know the status claim however there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. That includes:
  • The UAN login
  • The EPF regional office of the employer you work for.
  • The extension code if required
  • The company.
Keeping this basic information handy at the time of claim status check is extremely important and essential.

How to Check PF status by UAN Portal?

The few steps to be followed to check the PF status at the UAN portal is by visiting the site https://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/ include:
  • After going to the site you need to select the Our services option, you would get a drop-down list from which you are expected to select, the ‘for employees’ option followed by the ‘services’ option from the dropdown menu.
  • It will be very clear in the next screen where they will ask you: ‘know you claim status’ you have to click on that.
  • This will lead you to the https://passbook.epfindia/gov.in/MemClaimStatus where you are expected to put in your information.
  • You need to add your UAN followed by the Captcha text when they ask and click on the search button.
  • Your EPF claim status will be displayed on the screen immediately.
There is also the scope of checking the EPF claim status by using the EPF number. If you need to check the EPF status online at https://epfindia.gov.in then you need a few steps:
  • Log onto the UAAN member portal with https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/KYCS.php
  • Select your state and the EPFO region, workplace from the dropdown list provided to you.
  • The establishment code needs to be searched on-screen.
  • There are a few options that need to be filled on the screen which includes the EPF number. A few boxes might get auto-populated but others need to be filled manually.
  • After filling in all the necessary details you need to select the submit button.
  • A message with your EPF claim status will be displayed on the screen. It will also mention a timeline for your EPF balance to be available in your bank.

How to Activate the Universal Account Number (UAN Activation Procedure) at unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in?

As soon as you have registered at the UAN member portal it is very important for you to go through the UAN activation in order to access it easily. The method for UAN activation is also very simple. The steps include:
  • You need to open the UAN member portal homepage link: https://unifiedportal-mem-epfindia.gov.in/mmberinterface/
  • Then you need to click on the activate UAN option and enter your UAN you wish to activate.
  • After this, you will be expected to enter your member ID and you would also have to select your state and office from the drop-down menus provided to you.
  • Office details along with estate ID and Extension might be required.
  • Next, you are expected to fill in the member ID which would further go on to demand your Adhar details. It is compulsory to seed the Aadhar with the UAN before you activate it and you are given the option and the proper boxes to proceed with the same easily.
  • Then this page would further enquire about your PAN details which you need to fill in to proceed further.
  • Then you would get to know your UAN. The next step is the activation of the UAN, Otherwise, there are a lot of options that are not open to you. These options are most certainly the things that make it easier for you to handle the EPF account on a regular basis. EPF UAN activation requires you to keep your UAN and EPF number with you.
  • You would also require your mobile number close by as an OTP would be generated at the time of activation of the UAN which will be received on your registered mobile number. You can go on with the activation of the UAN at the UAN member portal as well as via the mobile app. The interface for both these options is very much user-friendly and self-explanatory.
  • After all, this is done taking care of your EPF account becomes really easy and convenient. You can view your contributions, the balance, and all the other necessary details at the Member PassBook page and if you wish to download it, there is the option for that as well.
  • It is advisable to take a print of your UAN card for future reference. You can at any time claim for withdrawal as well as the transfer of funds.
  • The profile data can be edited and modified at any point in time. It is at the disposal of the user.
EPF or employee Provident Fund is a security scheme that is created through the contributions of the employee during his or her service period and the same contribution made by the employer. The contributions are made every month during the years of service till retirement.

How to reset forgotten UAN Password?

Employee provident fund organization facilitates the Epf account holders with the chance of recovering or resetting the UAN Password if forgotten. UAN means Universal Account Number. The EPF UAN is a 12 digit number allotted to an employee who is contributing to EPF.
Before going to the steps about how to recover or reset a forgotten password one thing that every EPF account holder should remember is that in such cases always use a registered mobile number to get access to the One Time Password (OTP).
Following are the instructions needed to be followed in case of changing the UAN:
  • Visit https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ which is the Employee provident login page.
  • Click on the FORGOT PASSWORD option on the right side of the login page.
  • Enter the respective UAN number, the captcha code, and then click on the submit button.
  • A new window opens up there gives the UAN account number, registered mobile number, and click on the yes button.
  • As soon as the OTP is received put it in the given required place and click on verify button
  • Once the OTP has been verified a new password can be created on the page.
  • Once the password has been reset successfully one can complete the UAN member log in with the UAN number and the new password to verify details.

How to check UAN status online?

UAN serves a very important purpose.  A member has multiple profile IDs allotted to him or her by different organizations.UAN will act to combine all these IDs allotted to a single person to a single Universal Account Number. The employee is supposed to provide the available UAN number once he joins a new establishment in order to link the new PF number to the already available UAN. This helps in transferring one PF accounts to another of an employee without the need of withdrawing the PF amount.
Nowadays checking the UAN status has become easier than in earlier days. Earlier the employer or the HR of the company used to check the UAN status.
In order to check the status of UAN, one needs to have the prerequisite of PAN number, Name as mentioned in the UAN form, the Mobile number registered along with the UAN and DoB mentioned on the form.
The following four steps are to be followed to check the UAN status:
  • Visit the EPFO portal website online https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and click on the link at the right side of the page by the name ‘Know your UAN status’.
  • Enter your personal details. To do so following 3 things are to be done –
  1. Enter the state, select office from the drop-down, and enter the member id
2.Enter the Aadhaar card details.
3.Enter the PAN card details and some of the personal details like Name, Date of Birth (DoB), Mobile Number, E-Mail- ID, and Captcha from the image displayed.
After entering all the details click on “Get Authorization Pin”
  • Then Validate details using mobile OTP. If all the entered details are correct then an OTP (One time password) is sent to the registered mobile number. Check the respective details entered earlier and click on ‘I agree’ and enter the OTP received on the mobile number. After entering the OTP, click on “Validate OTP and get UAN”

How to Check Pension Status in mis.epfindia.gov.in website 

The process of checking the pension status through the EPFO portal is very easy and can be done without any complex procedures. The individual just needs to visit the link given below and log on to the portal on the EPFO website: https://mis.epfindia.gov.in/PensionPaymentEnquiry/pensionStatus.jsp
check his/her pension status effortlessly with the help of the link mentioned above. The page which pops up after logging on to this link displays every detail related to the Pension along with the previous records (every time the pension was credited, right from the initial stages).
In order to check the pension status, one must follow these steps:
  1. Enter this URL into your browser and visit the EPFO websitehttps://mis.epfindia.gov.in/PensionPaymentEnquiry/pensionStatus.jsp
  2. You will see a portal named ‘Welcome Pensioners’.
  3. Fill in the two boxes appearing on the portal.
  4. Enter the ‘issued office’ inside the first one. (It is the office from where the EPF Pension is credited).
  5. The second field will be automatically filled after filling the first one.
  6. After this, you must enter your PPO number correctly and then click on the Submit button.
And voila! The pension status will be displayed on the screen
Furthermore, in order to get the past records of the pension being credited along with details, the Pension Enquiry page of EPF India must be visited via this link: https://mis.epfindia.gov.in/PensionPaymentEnquiry/paymentEnquiry.jsp
.The steps to find out the history and other details related to Pension are almost the same but just with minor additions:
  1. Visit the aforementioned link and find out the ‘PPO Enquiry / Payment Enquiry’ section below the ‘Welcome to Pensioners’ Portal’ heading.
  2. Fill out the four boxes under this section.
  3. The user would have to choose the ‘Issued Office’ in the first field. It is the name of the office from where the Pension is received.
  4. The second field (Office ID) will be filled automatically.
  5. After entering the PPO number in the third box, the Pensioner’s DOB must be filled in the next field.
  6. Lastly, one must click on the Submit button after filling in the captcha.
That’s it! Now the information related to Pensions such as the date of credit and other transactions will be displayed on the screen.

Overview of EPF Interest Rate

  • The Central Board of Trustees (CBT) determines a compound EPF interest rate after approval by the Government of India. This interest rate is implemented on a collected EPF fund. Moreover, it should be paid every year on 1 st April. This interest rate is calculated annually despite monthly contributions. When a year is started, the opening balance accounts for the accumulated amount. This means that the succeeding year’s opening balance will be a sum of the current year’s opening balance, the monthly contributions, and previous opening balances and contributions’ interest.
  • This interest rate is applied to the EPF balance and the EPS balance, being a Pension Scheme, remains untouched by it. There are over 6 Crore subscribers of the EPFO. Moreover, there has been a reduction in the interest rates for the years 2017-18 as compared to the year 2016-2017 and 2015-2016 (8.55%, 8.65%, 8.8% respectively). Apart from this, the fund sold its equity portion and gained around 1000 Crores in its capital gains.
  • The Government will be authorizing CBT’s decision and subsequently, the accounts of the EPFO members will be credited with the interest income. After the above steps are carried out if the person already has the UAN number, then the person will receive the UAN on the mobile number, or else if the UAN for some person does not exist or is not allotted the message will be conveyed. Therefore UAN status check will help to see whether the UAN is updated at all or not.


1.UAN combines the data of different PF numbers and thereby centralizes the data of the employee in one place.
2. The verification process is made easier both from the perspective of an employer and employee.
3. It also helps EPFO to track multiple job switches by the employee
4. This has reduced the withdrawal of the PF money by the employees

EPFO / EPF Balance with or without UAN Number Passbook:

PF stands or Provident Fund refers to the contribution of money both by the employee and employer in the form of monthly salary deduction during the years of service. During retirement, each employee can receive the PF with EPF Interest amount. One can get the PF amount once they have a UAN Passbook which is mandatory for every Government Employee. In case of one doesn’t have the passbook one needs to register at www.epfindia.com or www.epfindia.gov.in web portals. All the government employees must check their EPF Balance, Download EPF Passbook, withdraw the partial amount from EPF Account, etc which is available at epindia.com web page.m One can know about his/her Employee Provident Fund Balance both without UAN Number or with UAN Number. Every government employee can know about their respective PF Balance by using the SMS Service or Missed Call Service. Also one can check the EPF balance online.
  • Open this URL: http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/
There is present another link named “Click Here to Know your EPF Balance”.
Just click on it. It redirects to another URL: http://epfoservices.in/epfo/member_balance/member_balance_office_select.php
  • On that page, there is an option as “Member Balance Information” Heading.
Under that heading, one must choose which State are he/she is coming from. Select the State.
Again choose the respective EPFO Office. Click on the Office Link.
  • After that one must Enter his/her Employee PF Account Number (Mandatory), Name, and Mobile Number.
Click on Submit Button. That’s All. It can show the Employee PF Balance.
If one has a UAN number he/she can check the EPF balance using UAN from passbook.epfindia.gov.in in the following ways:
1. Visit the web portal epfindia.gov.in
2. Select for Employee from the Our Services dialog box.
3. Find Services when the For Employees webpage of EPFO open.
4. Then select Member Passbook under the Services option once the Employees webpage opens.
Now the webpage of the passbook will open. Give the respective UAN number, Password and finally enter Captcha.
Once all details are entered one will be able to enter into the page.
5. Under the heading Select Member Id and click on View Passbook.
The passbook will give all the details like the current employer, Member ID/Name, Office Name, Employee Share, and Employer Share. It will also give breakup details month-wise.

PF Balance can also be checked  without a UAN number in epfindia.gov.in:

1. By SMS: For checking the PF balance through SMS, one’s UAN should be registered with EPFO. SMS service helps to know PF Balance without knowing the UAN number.
It is required to send an SMS on the number 7738299899.
In the message box, one needs to write EPFPHO UAN ENG.
This facility is also available in languages like English, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, etc. So if the information is required in Bengali type BEN in place of ENG.
2. By Missed Call- one can also check the details of their PF balance by giving a missed call on 011-229014016 from the registered mobile number in the UAN portal. In this case, also it is not mandatory to have or remember the UAN number.
However, it is needed to be registered on the UAN portal and give KYC details.
3. On UMANG App- Visit the Google Play store or URL: https://web.umang.gov.in/web/#/ and download UMANG APP. (Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance) It is an initiative of the Government of India under the Digital India Program to avail all government services under the common platform.
Once the app is installed select the EPFO option from the app homepage. Select the “Employee-centric services option” and enter the EPF universal account number.
One will be able to log in using an OTP that will be sent toa registered mobile number.
If more information is required about Employee PF Balance Check please visit https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/.
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Procedures for Downloading UAN Card

Go through the following measures to download and print and get access to your UAN Card:-
  • Visit the portal of Member e-Sewa: https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.
  • Type your UAN and Password to log in to your EPF account.
  • Find the “View” option on the page; Opt for the UAN Card and click on it.
  • The page will exhibit your UAN Card on the screen.
Now the UAN Card is ready for download or print, according to your wish.

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