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What is UAN?
UAN or Universal Account Number is a 12-digit number introduced by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation to its members. For the member to generate their UAN number, they have to first be registered with the EPFO and have to be making regular monthly contributions towards their account.
It has always been observed that employees subscribed to EPF have kept facing multiple issues regarding the management of multiple PF accounts, getting attestations of employers to make withdrawals, etc., and that’s why employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has now initiated the Universal Account Number (UAN). After the introduction of UAN, now contributors to the EPF scheme can link their multiple PF accounts and manage them as a single account. One of the foremost changes introduced with the UAN is that employees can choose to make withdrawals from their PF account without the need for attestation by their employer. When an employee changes jobs, all that they have to give his/her employer is her UAN. Because of the UAN portal launched by the EPFO, members can merge as many as ten of their PF accounts into a single one. For a member to utilize this facility, they have to seed their bank account with their UAN, as well as their Aadhaar card and PAN.

Steps to Generate your UAN

Whenever you move jobs, your employer will inform you of your PF number and UAN. otherwise, you can always check your UAN and PF number on your payslip for each month. If you have not generated your UAN as yet, please follow the steps given below:
  • Visit the EPFO portal- http://www.epndia.com/site_en/For_Employees.php?id=sm2_index 
  • Enter your region code, PF office jurisdiction code, establishment code, and your PF number. These details too will be displayed on your payslip. 
  • Click on the “check status” button. It is shown that your UAN is activated, then you can continue with your PF process, or else, you will have to first generate and then activate your UAN.
To Generate your UAN:
  • Visit the EPFO website 
  • Click on the tab “our services” 
  • Choose the option “for employees”. 
  • Click on the “register or activate UAN” link. 
  • Fill in your KYC details –your name, active mobile number, passport number, bank account number, Aadhaar card number, etc. 
  • Upload a scanned copy of your signature and passport photograph. 
  • Once you click on the “submit” button, an authorization PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the PIN. 
  • Once the PIN has been entered, your UAN will be generated. The next step is to activate your UAN.
Steps to Activate your PF UAN
  • Visit the EPFO services link – http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/ 
  • Now, enter your registered phone number along with your PF account number and UAN. 
  • Enter details such as father’s name, date of birth, etc. 
  • Enter your authorization PIN. 
  • Click on the “activate UAN” button. 
  • Create a username and password to complete the process of activating your UAN
How to Generate UAN through Aadhaar Card

  • Visit the EPFO member portal
  • Click on “Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment” 
  • Enter your Aadhaar card number. 
  • Click on “generate OTP”. 
  • Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on “submit”. 
  • The page will then display the Aadhaar card details. 
  • Click on “register”. 
  • Once that is done, the UAN will be allotted.
Documents Required to Link your PF account to UAN

If the Subscriber already has a UAN:
  • Regular KYC documents. 
  • Bank details – Account number, IFSC code, branch name. 
  • UAN held with previous employer/company. 
  • Last working day in the previous company.

If the Subscriber does not have a UAN
  • Regular KYC documents. 
  • Bank details – Account number, IFSC code, branch name. 
  • PF account number held with the previous company. 
  • Last working day in the previous company. 
  • Documents Required to Generate UAN 
  • Bank details – Account number, IFSC code, branch name. 
  • Passport 
  • Aadhaar card 
  • PAN card 
  • Ration card 
  • Driver’s license 
  • ESIC card 
Benefits of Seeding KYC Documents with UAN Account
  • Subscribers can now transfer their funds without the attestation of their previous or their current employer. 
  • PF account holders can make withdrawals without the attestation of their employer. 
  • PF account transparency. 
  • You will receive SMS Notifications whenever any transactions are made on your account. 
  • You can merge multiple existing PF accounts seamlessly into a single account, which will make the task of managing it much easier. 
  • Make personal detail corrections – name, mobile number, father’s name, date of birth, etc. – on the EPFO portal.

How to Access UAN Details on the EPFO Website

As it is mentioned above, the final step when you are activating your UAN is to create a username and password. After that, visit the UAN portal and enter the same username and password. Once these details have been entered, the portal shall display the details of your UAN.

Steps to Download your UAN Card

Follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Visit the EPFO member portal and log in using your username and password. 
  • Go to the option of “Download UAN card” on the downloading menu. 
  • Click “download”. 
  • Save and print your UAN card.
Steps to Transfer PF Account from Old Employer to Current Employer

The process to transfer one’s PF account has now become simpler as one can make the transfer through the auto-transfer option that has been recently introduced by the EPFO. In order to avail of this facility, subscribers need to follow the following steps:
  • Submit the Composite Form 11 that includes vital details and along with that submit your personal details, PF number held with a previous employer, UAN, etc. 
  • In case your UAN is already seeded to your Aadhaar card, the process of auto-transfer will start as soon as your current employer enters your details. 
  • When the auto-transfer procedure has started, the subscriber shall receive a message on their registered mobile number. 
  • This process will be completed within 10 days of initiation, and when the rest contribution by your new employer is made. 
  • The subscriber will receive a message as soon as the PF fund has been deposited.
Steps to make the Auto-Transfer Offline:

In case the subscriber has not seeded their Aadhaar card with their UAN, they still have the option to carry out the auto-transfer process onliine. For this process, the subscriber needs to submit their Form 13 to the new employer and has to mention the details of their Aadhaar card. As soon as the employee’s Aadhaar card has been seeded to his/her UAN, the process of transferring funds from one’s past PF account to the current PF account can be initiated.

The complete procedure of linking Aadhaar with UAN through the EPFO website is listed below:
  • Go to the EPFO website and click on the “eKYC Portal” section which can be found under the “Online Services” tab. 
  • Then, go to the section marked “Link UAN Aadhaar” and select this link. 
  • He/she has to provide his/her UAN to move forward. He/she will receive an OTP on their UAN registered mobile number. 
  • Once OTP is verified, the subscriber has to enter his/her 12-digit Aadhaar identification number. This will be followed by the receipt of another OTP, this time on the mobile number seeded with their Aadhaar card. 
  • Once this OTP verification is complete, provided the UAN details match the Aadhaar details, the UAN gets linked with Aadhaar
UAN App (Umang App)
You can also choose to carry out all your EPF processes through the UAN app as well. You will first need to download the Umang app from the Google Play Store and then register using your registered mobile number and your UAN. When all the required fields have been filled, the registration process is complete and you are now free to carry out all EPF transactions via the UAN app.

What are the Benefits of Using UAN?

An employee can enjoy the following benefits with a UAN:
  • Smooth and error-free PF account balance transfer, even if you change jobs multiple times. The UAN will remain the same in your entire professional career. 
  • Employees can now view, transfer and withdraw the funds in their EPF account easily by login into the UAN portal. Besides, they would be able to check transfer claim status, update KYC documents and download UAN cards.
  • UAN helps in making direct communication between EPFO and employees. As a result of this, employees don’t have to be dependent on their employer for their PF balance transfer and withdrawal.
  • Employees will receive SMS notification as and when their PF is deposited. Every month when the employer deposits your provident fund, you will receive an SMS notification. This will help you stay updated about your PF deductions. 
  • If you have a UAN, you can apply for an online PF transfer. 
  • EPF transfer and withdrawal can be done in very less time, provided you have a UAN.

Seeing the number of benefits that are associated with getting a UAN, it is important that you take it seriously, make sure your UAN is activated by your employer, and all KYC documents are updated in the EPFO portal.

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