EPFO Online Transfer To Another Account

Provident Fund, I Online Transfer To Another Account. All the information regarding the transfer of the Provident Fund is provided on the page below. You can scroll down and check the complete procedure.

Provident Fund Information About Online Transfer

If you have an account of Provident Fund and you want to transfer the money from one account to another account, then you can transfer the money to the other account by following some steps that
are mentioned below. This process has become a boon for workers. Earlier it was not possible to transfer the money from one account to another. The employees used to transfer the money physically by withdrawing money from one account and depositing it into another account.

General Information About The EPF Organization

The EPF stands for Employees Provident Fund. This is the statutory body of the government that has been working under the Ministry Of Labor and Employment. It administrates for the various types of
schemes for the employees such as pension schemes, insurance schemes,s and provident fund schemes. The scheme covers Indian workers as well as foreign workers that have been working in India. It has been one of the largest social organizations working in India.

EPFO Online Transfer To Another Account
EPFO Online Transfer To Another Account

Steps To Be Taken For The Online Transfer Of EPF Balance

  • Get an application form for account transfer
  • Then fill the form with all the details asked
  • Then submit the details of the current employee
  • The employer will have to send the application form to the nearest EPF region office
  • The verification is completed successfully, the application is forwarded to the previous employer
  • Attestation is done by the employer after the verification is done by him
  • Now the transfer of one account to another account is opened
  • But here on this website, we will tell you how to transfer the money from one account to another
  • by yourself through the online mode.
Eligibility Of The Candidate For Transferring The Money

As we all know nowadays the internet has brought a big change in our lives, as it has made our lives easy. Now everything can be done by the way of the internet, and the best thing is that things can be done in just a few seconds. Many of the things used to take several days to be completed, but now it is a matter of a few seconds such as email.
And the internet so did in the banking sector, now every task related to the banking is done by the internet and in just a few seconds such as online transfer of money and man other such things.
Now you can also transfer the money of provident funds from one account to another by the way of the internet. It has made our life so easy. Now the employees need not go through the physical process for transferring the money. They have to fulfill some of the requirements and they can take benefit from this scheme. But don’t worry it is not a big deal, everyone will meet these criteria.

And the requirements are as given below:-

  • The employer needs to have a digital signature of an employee
  • And the employer’s member ID needs to presented in the database of the EPF.

NOTE:- The employer will have to go to the employee for this process.

Process For The Online Transfer Of The Money Of Any EPF Account

Here we will guide you step by step for the online transferring of money from one account to another:-
Steps To Be Taken To Complete The Procedure:-

  • Log on to the website of the EPF India
  • Click on the link of ONLINE TRANSFER available on the homepage
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria then you can continue the procedure of online transfer
  • Now click on the link of request for transfer
  • As a result, Form-13 appears, where the PF number of both the Current & Previous employer needs to be entered.
  • Click on “Click here to get details”.
  • And personal details such as date of entrance and date of exit etc will appear
  • This information is just for verification, whether the amount is transferring to the right account or
  • not
  • A pop-up appears, asking the employee if he/she wishes to claim attested by current/previous
  • employer
  • Small letters have to be entered in the box and after that click on the I Agree to the column on the
  • page
  • Then a pin is sent to the registered mobile number, the application is submitted
  • A tracking id is generated
  • The form will be saved in the profile. Print-out needs to be taken in PDF version. This in turn needs to be submitted to the employer within 15 days.
  • The authorized individual’s name form details, who have to sign will appear after the submission
  • of the form
  • The details must be verified by the current and previous employee
  • The approval is received from both the employers, the amount will be credited to the account
  • through the EPF branch office
  • The Employer now plays a vital role as he/she has to verify the signatures of the Employee
  • SMS Will be sent To The Employee For Updates.
  • For More Information Visit – Bihar Job Portal

NOTE:- In order to gain more information or to transfer the money visit the official website of the EPF organization through this link:- http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/

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