How To Check EPF Online Balance Status 2021 ?

EPFO Online Balance Status
In order to make the EPF more convenient for the employees, the central government has set up a new online method for employees to check their EPF status.

EPF Online Balance Status Check EPF Balance

Now the central government is focusing to make everything more easily access able through the way of the internet. Though it is also corruption-free. And now the government has also taken a big step in terms of the PF department Of India. The government has completely made this department access able through the mode of internet. Now each and every employee can check their Provident Fund status easily with the help of the internet. Now they will need not go to the department office repeatedly. It is easily accessible and there is no possibility of partiality.

What Is The System To Check EPF Balance & What Is Its Benefits

In-country, perhaps, the PF Department was one of the toughest departments to be dealt with. An employee who has been working in the company or anything has to go to the office of the PF department several times. Many times the balance of an employee is too low and he/she have to go to the office several times. And to get rid of this harassment the employee has to left his balance in the PF Office.

EPF Online Balance Status Check EPF Balance
EPF Online Balance Status Check EPF Balance

And in terms to make this system better and easily accessible the central government has made this whole process online. Now an employee can get the status of his PF account online. The word online is very simple and short but it is one of the most drastic systems of the modern world. Now an employee need not go to the office to check the status of their PF account, now they can check the status through online mode, online means they have to just go online and open the website of the Department and provide your concerned details and the status of your PF account will be on your screen, you can take out a print of this or save it for future.

You Need the Following Details To Access This Service:-

1. Your PF number – You can find it on your salary slip.
2. A mobile with a number in it that you have registered in your Pf record.
if you have a new mobile number then you have to update it in your PF status

Additional Information About EPFO

The word EPFO stands for the Employees Provident Fund Organization. It is a statutory body of the central government which falls under the Ministry of Labor And Employment. It administers a compulsory contributory Provident Fund Scheme, Pension Scheme, and an Insurance Scheme. It is also the nodal agency for implementing Bilateral Social Security Agreements with other countries on a reciprocal basis. The scheme covers Indian workers as well as the international workers who have been working in Indian territory. It is one of the largest social beneficiary organizations in terms of provided benefits to a large number of peoples. The EPFO’s apex decision making body is the Central Board of Trustees (CBT).

How To Check EPF Balance And Status

EPF Balance:-
It is ultimately meant for the purpose to help the EPF members to check their balance and the status of their account.
Procedural Steps:-

  • Initially find the page “Member Balance Information” and then select your state such as DELHI.
  • Just after you will find three offices:-
  • (a)Delhi North
  • (b)Delhi South
  • (c)Laxmi Nagar
  • And if you know your nearest office you can select from the list available
  • Then you have to enter the office code and region code in the box
  • Later you need to enter an establishment code which is 7 digits
  • Then enter the 7 digit account number
  • Here you will be asked your details such as Name and Mobile no.
  • You have to give the mobile number which is applied to your PF account
  • Then tick the button Agree For Services
  • Then you will have to press the submit button

Note: Hence after the successful submissions of all the details your details will be sent through SMS to your mobile number.
You can gain all the necessary information about the EPF status by two options :
EPF Status – Online
EPF Status – Offline
Users can check the status of their accounts by filling in some details via online methods.

Procedure to check the EPF Status online
  • First of all, Go to the website of EPF India and click the link EPF balance
  • By providing your login credentials login to the page
  • Then you have to find your nearest office area of EPF
  • Enter your office and region code there
  • Then fill in the details of 7 digit establishment code
  • Then you have to fill in your 7 digit account number
  • Then click on the submit button and your status will be on your screen

Note:- The EPF online status is not available in all states, only some states have their own online status check facility.

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